Brahms Mount Baby Blankets

Brahms Mount Baby Blankets have been a staple for growing families since its beginning in 1983.

The large crib size, hardy weaves and classic colors will outlast the nursery and give your child years of textural security and comfort.

Over twenty years ago Brahms Mount Textiles, Inc invented a Cotton fabric that is recognized today as the most comfortable and beautifully constructed Cotton blanket you can own. Manufactured in Hallowell, Maine, it is the perfect weight, conforming to your body and encouraging a deep and restful sleep. We believe that today's bedroom is about comfort, good design, ease of maintenance and really good quality. Machine washable. Brahms Mount is a careful blend of both the art and science involved in creating tactile, heirloom textile fabrics. Claudia and Noel have diligently cultivated these skills for over twenty five years. Well prepared with extensive backgrounds in Textile manufacturing and design, they know that you cannot simply lay yarns together side by side and hope that the fabric produced will have tactile appeal, lasting value and be correct for the application chosen. The art is involved with the design and the choice of ingredients, and the science is in the way they are combined together into a textile that will be ideal for the use it was intended.

Brahms Mount Classic American Textiles Since 1983, Made in Maine

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