Daisy House Bamboo Towels

Formerly known as Weathered Stone Brand

The Bamboo Towels are the newest towel in the Daisy House collection. These Bamboo towels are made from pure natural bamboo fiber. Bamboo towels are spectacular, elegant, and ultra soft. Additionally, these towels have unique properties such as the antibacterial qualities characteristic of bamboo fibers. The specifications of the Bamboo towels are a weight of 700 grams per square meter and loops comprised of 60 percent bamboo and 40 percent combed cotton. Another quality of the bamboo fiber is its high absorbency, bamboo fibers absorb substantially more moisture than cotton. These are some of the finest Turkish Towels available.

Daisy House Bamboo Towels Formerly Known as Weathered Stone   Daisy House Bamboo Towels Formerly Known as Weathered Stone

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