Nandina Bamboo Towels

Bamboos molecular configuration gives it the ability to absorb and release moisture very rapidly.

Although bamboo has long been known in Asia for its many unique applications, the idea of using bamboo to spin yarns is a much more recent technology. The story of Nandina the future fiber begins in Japan where considerable research and experimentation has been done with recyclable and environmentally friendly plant fibers. Interest in bamboo has steadily grown as more and more information becomes available concerning its inherent characteristics. Bamboo grows extremely rapidly and can be harvested every two to three years with little or no environmental impact making it a remarkable, sustainable resource when compared to a tree forest that takes over 60 years to recover from deforestation. Bamboo is also inherently anti-microbial, so it is seldom infected by pathogens or eaten by pests. There is no need to use chemicals or pesticides to grow bamboo. Recent testing has proved that there is little or no growth in bacteria when it is brought into contact with bamboo for a period of 24 hours. It is noteworthy that for centuries, food in Japan was wrapped in bamboo leaves to keep it from spoiling. 

Nandina Luxury Bamboo Towels

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