Art & Commerce Bath Accessories

These simple, yet refined, pieces will make an elegant addition to a house, to be kept and handed down from one generating to the next.

Tom Newbury and Tom Sanden started Art and Commerce Company in Dallas, Texas, in 1989. Their partnership grew from a shared interest in creating quality furniture and decorative accessories made and painted wholly by hand. Beginning with three wooden accent tables, the product line has expanded to include iron, wood, and painted tole pieces. Known for great attention to detail, Art & Commerce pieces reflect the Toms' pride in producing, painting and finishing custom pieces that will be cherished through the years, ultimately becoming tomorrow's antiques. Art & Commerce designs are distinctive in their subtle elegance. Whether simple or intricate, the hand-painted finishes reflect careful attention to detail. The pieces are designed to be useful while holding ties to an almost forgotten style and relaxed grace.

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