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Juliska glass is mouth-blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague.

The techniques they use have been passed down through generations. To watch these skilled glassmakers work is breathtaking. Being handmade, no two pieces of Juliska are identical. Each has its own exquisite, individual character. Uniqueness is valued and guaranteed. Every piece of Juliska glass is individually signed as a hallmark of its origin and authenticity. With such heritage, attention to detail and beauty, it is no wonder Juliska glass has extraordinary magic. Juliska's mouth-blown glass home pieces are an exquisite addition to any tastemaker’s cache, be it the well-seasoned hostess desiring a fresh splash of splendor, or the new bride wanting to make a statement. Use interesting pieces in unexpected ways to transform ordinary household items into cheeky little decorative creations. Entirely useful, Juliska's covered canisters and urns beautifully display cotton balls and colorful bars of soap in the bathroom, candies and confections on the mantle, or loose-leaf teas and sugar in the kitchen. Hand chosen from Juliska's collections, simply perfect gifts for all occasions in their signature gift packaging. This special collection of gift items will uplift the mind as well as the eye. With it, we celebrate “the cornerstone values of life well lived.” Each item in the collection has been lovingly designed for its purpose and incorporates carefully chosen words to uplift and inspire.

Juliska Home & Gift Collections

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