Kenny Mack Designs Bath Accessories in Unique Resin

Kenny Mack Designs Specializes in Creating Unique Bath Designs and Home Decor.

Kenny Mack's bath accessories exude warmth and comfort and include a wide array of textures and hues. The Kenny Mack Designs bath collection is perfect for the bathroom, a most treasured and relaxing space. Working primarily in resin, their products are designed to be both functional and durable - perfect for every setting. Kenny Mack designs are an aesthetic blend of organic and modern which sit nicely in both traditional and contemporary settings. They design with inspirations of natural textures that emulate wood, glass, stone, shells and metals. Just a sampling of their creations are in Bowls, Platters, Trays, Votive Holders, Vases & Modern Bath Accessories.

Kenny Mack Designs Bath Accessories in Unique Resin

Kenny Mack Designs Bath Accessories

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