Marblecrafter Bath Accessories

Two collection styles (Vinca and Myrtus) with 8 colors of Natural Stone, Onyx or Marble to choose from.

The Vinca Bathroom Collection incorporates the spontaneous nature of the mighty marble with a design that creates a warm and personal, yet bold and avant-grade space.

The Myrtus Bathroom Collection is a serene and refined modern design trend while radiating classical elegance and perfection.

Nothing says I am here to stay better than this remarkable rock of ages. With rigidity comparable to diamonds and colors that scrupulously depict the exquisiteness of natural glamour, the marble exudes attributes of grandeur and style. Detailed enough to become Michelangelo’s choice of sculpting, the marble glorifies everything it encompasses, from a mantel to the statue of David. Marble stands headstrong as the crowning gem for palaces, castles, citadels and even the modern day skyscrapers. With its unique surface translucency the touch of marble is often compared to that of the human skin. Thus a marble artifact contains the visual depth that is beyond its naturally radiant earthly colors and evokes realism and presence in traditional as well as contemporary artwork that beautifies the world around us. For centuries marble is used as a means to reflect stature and accomplishment. When polished to a virtual glass like surface, it flaunts artistry and magnificence. It is the medium desired by master craftsmen for the promise of what it holds.  As in the case of the mighty Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World and an ultimate symbol of commitment, majesty and off course beauty. A crafting trait only passed from one generation to the next, is the skill of master craftsmen at Designs by Marble Crafters. The artifacts offered herewith are the product of such dedication in craftsmanship combined with the vivaciousness of the marble stone in an assortment of colors. These natural stones are dug from the hearts of mountains and river belts from the beds of Arabian Sea just northwest of Indian Ocean all the way to the valleys of Himalayas.  These hard rocks are turned into finely polished master pieces in spectra of bright whites and neutral beige to the darkest browns and jet blacks including several natural mixes and color combinations in between. The shine that becomes the integral part of each artifact is not merely a fancy chemical work, but a lasting glow that is achieved after several rounds of hand sanding that produces a gloss that belongs to the stone itself and does justice to its grandeur for ages to come.

MarbleCrafters Luxury Natural Stone, Onyx and Marble Bath Collections

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