Anali Luxury Bath

With a history of creating fine lines for over twenty years, Anali has become a well-respected name in luxury home needs.

Every option from this designer features the impeccable standards of quality and beauty you desire with every stitch. With the inclusion of Anali luxury bath items in your home, you can add refined taste and elegant beauty with ease. Our collection of Anali designer bath towels features the style of embroidery most identified with the company with every piece display its magnificent thread paintings. These intricate embroideries involve thousands of stitches and as many as nine different thread colors. The designs are embroidered on heavy terry towels woven expressly for use in the Anali luxury bath line in Turkey. The wide dobby allows the embroidery details to be appreciated and last for years. With every option offered from the Anali designer bath line, the embroidery stands out with attention to every detail and stitch for a stunning beauty. Due to the intricacies of the design patterns and colors, a detailed production process is necessary to create the "Exquisite Needlework" that Anali is recognized for around the world. The designs begin with hand drawn renderings created with colored pencils to accentuate detail and shadings. The drawing is then scanned into a computer, sharpened, and scaled to size. A specialized embroidery software program is used to plan each stitch and color change needed to bring the design to life. Embroidery is placed directly on the terry pile and finished with coordinating white or ivory trim binding. When ordering this option for luxury bath lines, you have a few choices to consider. For example, Anali's embroidered Linen Guest Towels 14" x 21" are available in 18 colors of linen. Embroidery scans are shown on linen guest towels, however, all scans are also available on white or ivory Roma terry and white and ivory percale. At Opulence of Southern Pines, we are honored to be your source for all luxury home items from the leading names in the world. If you need assistance or have questions, we would be happy to assist you further.

Anali Luxury Embroidered Italian Bed & Bath Linens, Linen Guest Towels, Decorative Pillows and Table Linens

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