Dry Divas Decorative Shower Caps

We choose the Bouffant style because if you have medium to long hair or extensions the cap will fit unlike so many others.

The ribbon color and embellishments may vary from the photo shown. The elastic stays put and keeps your hair 100% dry. The longevity will blow your diva mind! Our shower caps last up to 2-3 years. Machine washable – delicate cycle, inside out, cold. Air dry. 

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair every day can actually cause irreparable damage to your hair. Washing your hair every day traps excess oils, dirt, and residue from styling products, but it can also strip your hair of its natural oils and protein, cause split ends, warrant additional heat styling, and dry out your scalp. For the many hair types and styles that don’t require daily rinsing, explore our stylish collection of decorative shower caps made by Dry Divas. Each shower cap features its own unique print and a bouffant style that is sure to keep your hair dry in the bath or the shower.

We proudly offer a wide selection of Dry Divas shower caps in a variety of fun and vibrant prints. Dry Divas was originally founded on the concepts of delivering high-quality, stylish products that are designed and manufactured in America. Throughout years of garnered attention and popularity, it’s no wonder why these fashionable shower caps are such a hit. Stop wasting your money on disposable shower caps when you can invest in decorative shower caps by Dry Divas, which last up to two or three years of regular use. Not only do we provide bouffant styles for all styles and lengths of hair, we also carry little diva solutions that are ideal for kids aged between five- and 10-years old. These products make for perfect gift ideas for mommy-daughter spa days, birthday pampering kits, or everyday use.

With more than nine fashionable prints to choose from, we offer the variety to suit every personal taste and style. Each of the stunning shower caps we carry is made from high-quality, soft, laminated fabric and will surely bring out your inner diva. Spice up your bathroom routine with one of our luxurious Dry Divas shower caps. Your hair will thank you, and you’ll never feel more glamorous while taking a shower. If you have any questions regarding our products or the leading brands we carry, please contact us today for further assistance.

Dry Divas Designer Shower Caps

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