Matouk Allegro Terry Towels and Shower Curtains

Triple-banded appliqué border and 1/4-inch linen piping with mitered corners on Cairo long-staple cotton terry. 

Inspired by our Allegro sheeting and made from our Cairo long-staple cotton terry, Allegro towels and bath mats are finished with a triple-banded appliqué border and linen piping with mitered corners. The combination of materials delivers a sophisticated yet easy feel. A coordinating shower curtain in linen completes the look. A linen appliqué or embroidered monogram will kick the personalization up a notch. Made in the Philippines of fabric from Portugal.

For Towels 100% Cotton: Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softener. Tumble Dry Low heat. Iron as Needed. For Shower Curtains 100% Linen: Machine Wash Gentle Cycle. Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softener. Tumble Dry Low Heat. Iron While Still Damp. Towels 100% Cairo long-staple cotton: Made in the Philippines of fabric from Portugal. Shower Curtains 100% Linen: Made in the USA of fabric from Italy.

Please call 910.692.2744 for Monograms in Appliqué for Allegro Bath.

In 1929, John Matouk founded a company whose mission was to give Americans ready access to the world's most luxurious linens. Mr. Matouk, who was born in Damascus the son of a fine jeweler, understood the principles of meticulous workmanship and good taste. As a young man he immigrated to Italy where he learned the fine linens business, gaining particular expertise in the intricate lace and hand-work that were very much part of the tradition there. He began exporting Italian linens to the United States and he developed a partnership with the outstanding Olga Asta linen and embroidery house located in St. Marks Square in Venice. In July 1929, he fulfilled his life-long dream to go to the United States. He brought with him trunks of exquisite fabrics and cloths that he sold to the finest stores and elite families. Even in those difficult times there were those who had a passion for fine things and the means to afford them. In fact, in 1933, Mrs. Edsel Ford replenished her linen closets by buying $75,000 of Matouk table linens, an investment of $1.2 million in today's terms. During World War II, with his supply lines from Europe cut off, Mr. Matouk moved his production to the U.S. He located his factory and offices in Manhattan where they remained until 1985 when his son, George Sr., move the factory to southern New England, home to both a tradition of American textile production and a community of skilled craftspeople. Over the past eighty years, the Matouk name has become synonymous with John Matouk's uncompromising values: insistence on the highest quality and a passion for luxury. Today John Matouk's grandson, George Matouk Jr., represents the company's third generation of family stewardship. Under his leadership, the company remains committed to designing and manufacturing the world's best-made and best-loved linens for its passionate and discerning clientele around the world.

Matouk Luxury Bed Linens

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