Lulu Dk for Matouk Beach Towels

Plush terry beach towels in four ocean motifs with border 100% Egyptian cotton, 400gm.

Lulu de Kwiatkowski is the founder and designer of Lulu DK Fabrics.  Her signature style—bold, generous use of color and whimsical hand-drawn designs—has made her textiles some of the most sought after and recognizable in the industry. Lulu grew up the youngest of six children on the sandy beaches of the Hamptons and the Bahamas in eclectic, color-drenched homes decorated in bold style by her mother. After completing a fine arts degree at Parsons School of Design, Lulu spent five years in Paris studying trompe l’oeil painting before embarking on a series of journeys that took her as far as India, Northern Africa and Peru. The patterns and textures of these distinct worlds, alongside the inspirations and memories from her childhood homes, can be seen in all of Lulu’s textile designs.  In May 2006, Matouk asked Lulu to design a signature collection of bed linens. Together, they set out to redefine printed bed linens by marrying Lulu’s unique artistic perspective with Matouk’s expertise in fabric creation and craftsmanship. Lulu has created many exclusive designs for Matouk that have become bedding classics including Harbour Island, Charlotte and Mirabella. She also selected some of her iconic fabric patterns, including Paradiso and Tulah,  to provide a link for her fans thirsting for new ways to design their homes with Lulu’s signature style. Today the Lulu DK for Matouk collection is sold in fine stores around the country.

Lulu DK by Matouk Luxury Bed Linens

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