Nameek's Windisch Bath Accessories

Made in Spain of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

If your tastes revolve around modern and minimal aesthetics, you will absolutely love the appeal of cracked or frozen crystal glass accents and shiny finishes for your bathroom décor. From stand mirrors to simplistic tumblers, our exceptional assortment of Nameek’s bath accessories will give you plenty of options to give your bathroom an ornamental update. Combining the latest technological innovations with careful attention to detail, Nameek’s many high-quality accessories will garner compliments from even your savviest guests.

Even if your bathroom is lacking in space, you can still find inventive ways to make it seem bigger by incorporating reflective emphasis on fashionable storage solutions or functional containers. Show off your cotton balls and delicately placed cotton swabs with one or more of our many glass storage container options from Nameek’s by Windisch bath collection. Each bathroom jar exudes contemporary inspiration with an artisan flair. Coordinate all of your bathroom’s accessories by selecting matching sets of toothbrush holders, gel dispensers, and soap dishes in either crackled crystal or frozen crystal glass options. Frozen crystal glass adds a touch of mystery and a sheen of modesty while cracked crystal glass alludes to the luxury of the old world. If glass doesn’t really speak to you, we also offer boutique hotel-style accessories in your choice of polished or satin nickel, gold, and chrome finishes.

Each of the Nameek’s bath accessories we carry is imported from the finest European manufacturers. You can guarantee quality and value when you invest in the beauty of your bathroom. While many people may think the kitchen is the heart of the home, we believe that the bathroom is the heart of design in the home. Bathrooms serve as blank canvases, unlike other rooms that often feature a certain style of flooring or paint. You can shape a bathroom into whatever you’d like it to be. With gorgeous products made from Nameek’s by Windisch bath collection, you can encourage luxury to emanate beyond the confines of tile and porcelain. Browse our rich variety today to find everything your bathroom’s been missing. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and we will gladly assist you every step of the way.

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