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When it comes to grooming, having the right products can make a world of difference.

With our collection of men’s grooming products from leading brands, pamper and prep with the finest of luxury products created with the highest of standards. Our collection of men’s grooming products features all of the daily essentials a man needs to look and feel his best, including exquisite badger brushes, all style of razors, shave creams, and other essential men's personal care products. We offer a wide selection of personal fragrances including body sprays and colognes in our collection of men’s grooming products, as well as a variety of bath bars and shower gels made with the finest of ingredients. Our selection of men’s grooming essentials offers the leading names in the world including Acca Kappa, Castle Forbes, Claus Porto, Edwin Jagger, Jack Black, and Proraso. When it comes to getting the best shave, we offer a variety of necessities in this collection of men’s grooming products such as luxury shave creams, double-edged and straight edged razors, super badger shave brushes, and more. Our collection of premium shaving products is offered by elite names in men’s personal care such as Dovo, Merkur, D.R. Harris, Gold-Dachs, Razorpit, IICeppo, Vie Long, and Pfeilring. In addition to the shaving products and fragrances, we also offer a selection of luxury shampoos and conditioners designed to keep hair nourished. Looking for a gift set option to surprise the special man in your life? We have several to choose from that are sure to delight any man of impeccable taste. From luxury shaving kits to a variety pack of elite brands of body bars, find the perfect gift for him today with our collection of men’s grooming essentials.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we are honored to be your source for all things luxury. We offer the top names from around the world for exceptional quality to meet your high standards. If you need assistance locating the perfect choice or have any questions, a member of our staff would be happy to assist you further.

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Cire Trudon Bruma Eau de Parfum - 100ml


Cire Trudon Bruma Eau de Parfum - 100ml. A ray of sunlight spreads with the strength of a shadow. (Galbanum, Iris, Leather, Haitian vetiver). Bruma will unveil on your skin the depth of the iris note and a soft leather touch. Bruma contains a distinguished, almost animal-like sensuality. In the night, a feminine rider draws inner strength from the elements that surround her: her horse and the depth of the forest at night seem to give her a magnetic and carnal aura.

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Cire Trudon Le Coffert Eau de Parfum - 5ea at 10ml


Cire Trudon Le Coffert Eau de Parfum - 5ea at 10ml. Le Coffret contains the five 10ml miniatures of the Trudon perfumes collection. (Collection 5x10ml).

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Cire Trudon Olim Eau de Parfum - 100ml


Cire Trudon Olim Eau de Parfum - 100ml. An enlightened key, which leaves an intimate mark. (Clove, Benzoin, Myrrh). On your skin, Olim will reveal its timeless nobility, its spicy and suave elegance. Olim represents the vanity and emotion of a royal era. Powdery notes touch on beauty; spices evoke decadence and resins hint towards opulence. Olim refers to a form of purity with an underlying richness.

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