Claus Porto Shea Butter Soaps, Aloe Vera Liquid Soaps

Claus Porto's Musgo Real Men's Collection

Claus Porto Shea Butter Soaps & Aloe Vera Liquid Soap Collection - Very few products stand the test of time. Introduced in America almost 15 years ago, the Deco Collection from Claus Porto continues to grow and outsell other soaps that have since come and gone. Each hand made bar is milled 7 times and aged so that every bar lasts a long, long time, while delivering the highest level of fragrance and extraordinary lather.  The package design is interpreted from turn of the century artwork culled from the archives of our soap factory in Portugal. Enriched with vitamins, Shea butter and aloe, this range heals and nourishes the skin. Deco collection is a set of unforgettable scented jewels lifting up our senses. With a unique and individual character, this collection has a contrasting diversity of lines holding the authentic and original names, which conquered the market more than 100 years ago. Along with this vintage tradition, Deco collection holds Art Deco classic design labels, wrapping the products in refined and indisputable charm. Exclusively developed by perfumers for Claus Porto, the harmony of touch and scent of these soaps, enriched with shea butter, will seduce you. This cult collection invites you to live glamour unique experience. Oversized Shea Butter Bath Bars - 100% natural, vegetable based and concentrated Shea butter formula softens and protects your skin as you wash. The "soap bar that lasts forever" is milled 7 times so that there is no cracking or splitting and the fragrance lasts until the very end of the bar. 12.34 oz. Aloe Vera Liquid Soap - This unique liquid soap softens and protects as you wash with its wheat protein and aloe vera formula. 100% vegetable base is easily biodegradable. 13.5 oz. Claus Porto's Musgo Real Men's Collection - Musgo Real for men brings European tradition together with modern trends and technologies. The classic fragrance has been recreated from an archived recipe of a cologne by the same name. Musgo Real was originally introduced in the 1920's and sold throughout Europe through the sixties and seventies. The newest additions to the range are meticulously formulated with the latest shave technologies, incorporating today's grooming trends. The original deco bottles and packaging are nostalgic, but somehow timeless and modern. The recent addition of 3 sophisticated new colognes has completed the range. This combination of European flavor and modern technology, transforms the once arduous chore of shaving into an eagerly anticipated daily ritual. 

 Claus Porto Shea Butter Soaps & Musgo Real Men's Collection from Portugal

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