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Edwin Jagger manufacturer of the world's finest hand made shaving accessories.

Edwin Jagger Limited was established in 1988 to design and manufacture a variety of high quality accessories. Neil Jagger, founder of Edwin Jagger used the initial months of the company's existence to design a range of hand made shaving accessories, enlisting some of Sheffield's most skilled craftsmen to carry out work of the highest standard. His dedication and commitment to quality and craftsmanship handed down from one generation to another has resulted in an exclusive range of shaving equipment named in memory of his grandfather Edwin Jagger. The combination of imagination and expert design, the skill of craftsmen and modern technology has created the Edwin Jagger range of exclusive contemporary and traditional shaving razors, shaving brushes, soap bowls, shaving sets and travel items. Spinners, silversmiths, buffers and polishers use exquisite materials and superior craftsmanship to create flawless surfaces some coated with chrome or gold. All Edwin Jagger products are guaranteed for a lifetime's use.  All EDWIN JAGGER soap bowls are hand spun (There are only 2 metal spinners working in Sheffield.) The metal spinner uses skills and production methods that date back to the mid nineteenth century. Using hand held tools and a wooden chuck rotating at high speeds, the spinner produces moulded blanks from circles of brass. These blanks are used to create Edwin Jagger unique soap bowls, covers and stand bases, each varying slightly reflecting the hand made nature of each product. All EDWIN JAGGER double wire stands are assembled by hand by Silversmiths. The expertise developed in the famous Sheffield silver industry is internationally renowned. Edwin Jagger employs highly skilled silversmiths to produce it's original shaving stands. Using precisely machined pieces of brass, the silversmith trims, files and solders components to create the complete product. All EDWIN JAGGER products are hand buffed and polished (A very rare skill that produces a flawless finish). Bright, smooth surfaces can be produced with traditional polishing processes, but Edwin Jagger uses an additional finishing process known as buffing. A traditional skill of metal finishing, the buffer uses ground pumice mixed with special oil lubricants buffing sand, to buff away blemishes and defects creating smooth surfaces ready for the polisher to brightly polish each item with swansdown cotton polishing mops and polishing rouge. ELECTROPLATING: Edwin Jagger accessories are available with hard chrome or 99.9% pure gold coatings applied using electrolysis. Each individually inspected and wired item is coated first with copper and nickel and finally either chrome or gold to create a hardwearing, protective and decorative finish. Electroplating dates back to the late nineteenth century and has changed little in method although modern technology has improved the process by maintaining and guaranteeing a quality finish to reflect many hours of careful preparation. RAZOR & SHAVING BRUSH HANDLES: Edwin Jagger handles are made from either hard chrome or gold plated solid brass or from high quality polyester and acrylic materials carefully selected for their strength and durability. RAZOR HEADS: All Edwin Jagger razors are available with either Gillette? Mach? 3 Turbo?, Gillette? Sensor Excel?, or the traditional double edged safety shaving blade systems. All razor heads are either hard chrome or gold plated. SHAVING BRUSH HEADS: All shaving brush heads are made from the highest quality hand graded pure badger hair of the species Meles Meles, available in three grades: Best (Grey - Machine Filled), Super (Graded White - Hand Filled) & Silver Tip (Silver Tips - Hand Filled).


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