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Personal and Home Luxury Fragrances from the Outdoors

Their Story:

We believe there’s something special about the outdoors. It’s not just the quiet atmosphere, but it’s who we become in these places. We have everything we need. Simplicity restores us. Our scents are derived from the moments when we feel this connection, to the world, to nature, and to each other. It’s a scent of pine, a grain of sand, laughing around a fire, or staying completely still. By bringing these experiences to your daily routine with scents like Harbor Lights, Eastern Shore and Black Forest, we’re confident you’ll relive these experiences, whether you’re on your way to the woods or to the office. Our intention is for you to breathe deeply with these products, that they take you back to those simple moments. Whether these fragrances inspire you to rest, hike, make new memories or relish in old ones, we hope they become your daily retreat.

Made is USA.

Emerson Park Luxury Personal and Home Fragrances

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