Frasco Mirrors Made in Germany

Fraas Spiegel GmbH began in Nuremberg, Germany in 1920 as a metalworks, manufacturing fine quality vanity accessories.

Their facility was completely destroyed during World War II and its founder, Paul Fraas, rebuilt his business from the rubble, salvaging what little machinery remained that had not been confiscated by the government for its war effort. Today, FRASCO mirrors are still manufactured by hand in Eckental, Germany utilizing many of the techniques established in its founding. Some of the original equipment is displayed at the factory and stands testament to the determination and integrity of Mr. Fraas.  All FRASCO mirrors are made with distortion free, optical quality silvered glass, premium grade brass, and go through 40 to 90 steps in their manufacture, depending upon the design. Each magnifying mirror has an exact center focal point, ensuring a clear, perfect reflection at any strength, and the plain glass sides are crystal clear. Magnification strengths of 3X, 5X and 7X are available in either brass or chrome finish. We offer various models of purse, travel vanity stand, and wall mounted mirrors, designed to suit the needs of the discriminating client. FRASCO mirrors are manufactured in dimensions from 2.75” to 10.5” in diameter. The engineering and tooling are all developed and created in-house to insure the integrity of the design and ultimate quality of the final article.  The finish is guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defects. Quality assurance and control, from raw materials to final polishing, produce the finest purse, travel, vanity, and bath mirrors in the world. The chrome plated brass and all brass mirrors are polished to flawless perfection; both are finished with a satin-smooth, crystal clear Zapon finish to prevent dulling. The final product is as elegant and refined as it is utilitarian. FRASCO mirrors are the envy of the industry, and many have tried to copy the designs using inferior materials, but none have created such a time-tested, desirable product.

Frasco Mirrors, made in Germany

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