Laguiole en Aubrac Folding Pocket Knives, Wine Corkscrews and Shave Sets

Laguiole Handcrafted Production Makes Each Authentic Laguiole knife, Cockscrew and Shave Set Unique.

This humble farmer’s knife was first created in 1829, in Laguiole, a small mountain village of the Aveyron, in southwestern France. The bee decorating the spring plate would eventually become the prestigious symbol of France’s most celebrated knife. There are 109 production steps for a one-piece knife, 166 for a two-piece and 216 for a three-piece model. Let’s have a closer look at the path of the raw materials in a craftsman’s hands. This long process is what distinguishes true craftsmanship from mass production, and guarantees the unique qualities of each knife. Local production of the Laguiole knife saw its Renaissance in the early 1980’s, after having declined in the 1920’s, a result of industrialized manufacturing in the city of Thiers. Out of respect for the local cutlery traditions to which the original Laguiole knives owe their celebrated quality, four cutlers came together to create a forge in Montézic, a small village just a stone’s throw from Laguiole. This was the real return to the original techniques used in every stage of Laguiole knife production. The first Laguiole knives were inspired by the Arabo-Hispanic knife, the Navaja. Local men who migrated to Spain in winter as pit-sawyers brought this knife back as souvenirs. Local cutlers and tinkers blended the Navaja with a local knife of the time, the Capouchadou, thus creating what came to be known as the Laguiole. >1840 : The first awls appeared to help shepherds pierce the skin of sheep that had bloated from eating too much green grass. 1880 : The corkscrew made its début, in response to the demands of men from northern Aveyron who had gone to Paris to work as waiters in cafés. The shepherd’s cross which is set in the handle acts as a rosary. The knife was planted upright in the bread with the cross facing front. Shepherds, who spent many months on the high summer grazinAg lands, far from any churches, were thus able to do their daily prayers. The knives of today have a spring-stop that protects the blade upon closing. But when folding his knife, the connaisseur will do so softly,thus respecting both the Aveyronnais proverb, “ressort silencieux vivra vieux” “silent springs make better lives” and the tradition according to which only the head of the household was allowed to snap his blade shut, thus asking the family to clear the table.

Laguiole En Aubrac Folding Pocket Knives, Wine Corkscrews and Shave Sets

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