Solid Cologne UK - Made in London

Each of the small pocket sized sliding tins have a certain aura about them, which will leave you feeling like a true gent!

As far as we can remember, fragrances have come bottled up. But a recent trend is revolving around again, something that the Ancient Egyptians introduced a long time ago, a solid, wax-based scent.

We decided to re introduce to the Londoners of what once the ancient Egyptians used to love and use. We have taken our own initiative by doing things better by doing things differently.

Our colognes have the highest quality of natural ingredients including Beeswax, Shea butter & Jojoba oil. which all support and protect the skin. Through plenty of trial, error and hard work we have finally introduced four of the best solid colognes available in London.


To highlight, these highly concentrated wax fragrances are portable, natural and moisturizing. It’s so easy to apply and handy too. Perfect for carrying in your pocket or gym bag and you can travel on aircraft with this range. Discreetly packaged, application is fast and easy. Whip it out in the office, on the bus or in a crowded club/bar.

The scents are by no means overbearing, they are subtle but refreshing which are identified within close proxmity. The blend of various notes within our solid colognes tend to stay on the skin which allows the fragrance to evolve throughout the day while interacting with your body temperature.

Solid Cologne Made in London


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