Anali Pebble Matelasse Collection

The Pebble matelasse collection is 100% cotton matelasse from Italy.

The pattern and the 8 rich colors were chosen to compliment the depth of color in Anali's embroidery, and boasts a sateen-like finish. The available colors are; white, avorio, eucalyptus, arctic, palmetto, chocolate, salsa and driftwood. ANALI imports the finest quality fabrics from all over the world, as befits the quality of Anali's embroidery designs. The bed linens are made by one of Italy's finest mills, 300 thread-count cotton sateens that are finished to a luxurious, soft feel. The thread collection amounts to more than 100 colors selected from a number of manufacturers, primarily from Germany. Most of the work uses a very fine, 100% rayon thread that holds color, and allows Anali to blend the threads to produce the amazing details and color.  The Exquisite Needlework - Due to the intricacies of the design patterns and colors, a detailed production process is necessary to create the "Exquisite Needlework". The designs begin with hand drawn renderings created with colored pencils to accentuate detail and shadings. The drawing is then scanned into a computer, sharpened and scaled to size. A specialized embroidery software program is used to plan each stitch and color change needed to bring the design to life.

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