Matouk Luxury Quilts, Coverlets, Matelasses and Shams

Lightweight and lofty bed covers with the perfect drape. The perfect finishing touch for the top of your bed.

Made in the USA of Italian fabric. About Matouk: In 1929, John Matouk founded a company whose mission was to give American homemakers ready access to the world's finest, most luxurious linens. Over the past seventy years, the Matouk name has become synonymous with our founder's uncompromising values: his insistence on the finest quality as well as his passion for luxury. As American lifestyles and tastes evolved, Matouk diversified into, first, bed linens and, later, linens and accessories for the bath. At the same time, Matouk extended their lines to encompass contemporary as well as traditional styles. Today, the family's second and third generations remain committed to John Matouk's founding vision, designing and manufacturing the world's best-made and best-loved linens for fine stores and catalogs around the world.

 Matouk Luxury Bed Linens

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