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Now is the perfect time to create your ultimate sleep sanctuary. Enjoy 20% off The DUX® Bed and all DUXIANA® headboards and fine European linens and down including pillows, summer-weight duvets, throws, allergy control covers and our ever popular DUXIANA® Travel Pillow.

Online Coupon Code: DUXSale2020 or Visit our 3 brick & mortar stores: Southern Pines, NC ~ Raleigh, NC ~ Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Excludes Matouk and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Luxury Bed Linens & Down at all 3 Opulence of Southern Pines' Store Locations and Online.

A mattress cover offers many benefits for your bed. It can protect the life of your mattress while adding to your overall comfort while sleeping. With our collection of luxury mattress covers, find the perfect fit for your next good night’s sleep.

We offer a diverse selection of luxury mattress covers to choose from. Our collection of luxury mattress covers features options from the most elite name in bedding such as Sferra, Pine Cone Hill, St. Geneva, and more. Every mattress cover we offer meets the highest standards of quality manufacturing for comfort and longevity to meet your expectations. Choose from your choice of materials such as cotton, wool, or down, depending on your personal preference. With sizes designed to fit even large sized beds and the Swedish-made bed, these luxury mattress covers are ideal for any bedroom in search of added comfort. We offer mattress covers with high fill power for a truly luxurious and comfortable addition to any bed. Many options are waterproof for an added sense of protection against stains and spills. Mattress enhancers are a great way to add even more comfort with their thick layers of down or cotton. In addition to the mattress covers, we also offer a selection of box spring covers to add an elegant beauty to an otherwise unappealing area of the bedroom. With their classic colors and textured patterns, they can transform any box spring into one of beauty. We offer products that well exceed the industry’s set standards for fill power. Most of the options we offer are hypogenic for added peace of mind. Add one of these luxurious embellishments to your bed today and revel in the superior comfort.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we are honored to serve all your needs for luxury home accessories. We offer the most elite names from around the world for exceptional quality you can trust, as well as impeccable beauty to bring any room to life. If you need assistance locating the perfect selection for your home, we would be happy to assist you further.

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