Stellmark Allergy Mite Proof Cotton Pillow Protectors

Made from 100% Cotton imported from Germany, this fabric is completely Dust Mite Proof. Machine wash and dry at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit)

It does not have a chemical finish or sprayed on backing or any other synthetic component. Nothing but pure cotton that has been through a special mechanical process to make it Dust Mite Proof. Pillow Protectors have a dust flap. These covers are not allergen proof, since an item must be almost air tight to make this claim. If putting these covers onto existing pillows, it is recommended that the pillows get cleaned first. This eliminates any existing dust mites getting into new bedding in the first place, and gives you the wonderful breathability that cotton is famous for. 

Stellmark Allergy Mite Proof Cotton Pillow Protector

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