Textillery Weavers Throws

Luxury Handwoven Plush Chenille and Bamboo Throws, Made in the USA!

Established in 1976, Textillery Weavers is a leading producer of handwoven throws, pillows and decorative accessories in the United States. Textillery's commitment to hand-crafted quality and an eye to the newest trends in fashion makes the company a unique resource in the marketplace. Made in the USA. Textillery Weavers is committed to the traditions of craftsmanship coupled with using the best of new technology to produce handwoven items that we are proud to say are Made in the United States. As more and more factories and mills are shutting their doors; we continue to take pride in the fact that we can compete on a global scale while producing all our products in the United States. We could not do this without the support and encouragement of our customers, our employees, and our Bloomington Indiana community.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please call our store (910.692.2744) and our professional staff will be happy to help you with all your needs.

Textillery Weavers Throws Textillery Weavers Throws

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