Adri Luxury Fur Throws, Pillows and Wraps

Full Skins used versus Fur Scraps and Small Pieces Sewn Together

The luxury market knows the difference.full skins are more desirable and produce higher quality garments, pillows and throws. Higher quality parts of the pelt are used vs. inferior parts that shed and tear easily. Furs are imported and dyed to coordinate with the collection from Canada, Denmark, Finland, U.S., and China. Unique and timeless pillows, throws and wraps featuring sensual furs, rich textiles and Italian lambskins of the highest quality.  Most of the Adri collection is made in the USA and Canada of US and imported furs and textiles. This allows us to provide the following: Customization of sizes, designs and colors, Shorter turn around times, Highest quality standards as expected in the luxury market. If you don't see what you want or you have a specific idea/request call our Southern Pines location at 910.692.2744.

Adri Fur Throws, Pillows and Wraps

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