Ann Gish Quilted Silk Ready-to-Bed

Ready-to-Bed was the first machine-washable silk bedding collection introduced in the United States over 12 years ago.

These coverlets, shams, and bedskirts are available in thirteen great colors. 100% silk. Machine washable quilted silk linens which allow you to create your own combination of silk linens and pillows with the 8 fashion color selections.

Ann Gish, Inc was established over 12 years ago in order to offer her work to the finest stores and designers world-wide. Her products are in the homes of many celebrities and have also appeared in film and tv, including numerous episodes of "Sex in the City". Her line, Ready-to-Bed, is a more affordable, machine washable silk bedding and is available in many fashion colors and beautiful neutrals. No dryer sheets!

Ann Gish Luxury Silk & Linen Bedding 

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