Belvedere Sateen Bed Linens

Belvedere Sateen bed linens are part of the DUXIANA Essentials collection.

They are the perfect complement to the DUX Bed or any conventional mattress. 

Made from premium US grown long staple cotton, our Belvedere Sateen offers a unique softness and sheen. Produced by a small family owned mill in Guimaraes Portugal whose traditions of weaving and sewing the finest fabrics spans generations.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate guarantees that DUXIANA Essentials Linens are completely toxin-free.

Choose 3” pocket depth to fit DUX Xupport and DUX ONE Top Pads or choose the 17" pocket depth to fit your conventional mattress.

We also have other choices available for the DUX bed or a conventional mattress: Dormeir Top Pad protectors, Travel Pillows, Mattress protectors and fitted sheets that fit either the DUX 2" top pad or conventional deep mattresses.

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