Lili Alessandra Mackie Taupe w/Seafoam

Mackie Taupe w/Seafoam Duvet & Pillows and Gathered Bedskirt are washable.

Bedskirts are 3 panels gathered. Shown with Chloe Prewashed Velvet in Seafoam, Zebra Pillow in Seafoam and assorted Dimitri Natural Linen & Seafoam decrotive pillows. All Pillows and Shams include Insert.  Lili Alessandra - offers an innovative fusion of fabrics, textures and hand crafted techniques from old to new.  The introduction of our washable linens, velvets, and Tencel/silk provides design options for any room in the house.

Lili Alessandra Luxury Bed Linens and Pillows

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