Ogallala's Avalon Crib Duvet

Ogallala's patented Hypodown is completely hypo-allergenic and the perfect covering for a baby. Made in USA, machine washable and dryable.

Why should only those in snowy climates be allowed to experience the luxury of an Ogallala Duvet. When a whisper of warmth is all you need, choose the Avalon. Satin piping frames a 300 thread count fabric, sewn into a 9" box design. An only the Avalon is available with Ogallala's Southernlite fill to keep your baby comfortable even during balmy evenings. Twin 68" x 88", Full 80" x 80", Queen 88" x 88", King 104 x 88", Grand King 108" x 98" Super King 115" x 110" Available with three options of Hypodown fill power: 600, 700 and 800. Syriaca is the only natural material that suppresses down's allergic qualities while simultaneously increasing its loft and insulation. The resulting blend wicks moisture away from your body far more quickly than either down or synthetics. It's lightweight to encourage circulation and it's cozier than anything you've ever felt. 

Hypodown 600 better than the industry standard. Fill power is above average and down content is 75% White Goose Down Cluster.
Hypodown 700 the most popular choice. White Goose Down Cluster content is 80% and fill power is excellent.
Hypodown 800 the exclusive option. Highest fill power and the down component is at 85% White Goose Down Cluster.

Ogallala Hypoallergenic Down

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