Ogallala Hypodown Beds and Featherbeds Mattress Enhancers

Twin 68" x 88", Full 80" x 80", Queen 88" x 88", King 104 x 88", Grand King 108" x 98" Super King 115" x 110" Made in USA.

Hypodown Beds: Ogallala makes their top-of-the-line luxury mattress enhancers with their Hypodown, 800, 700 and 600 fills so you truly can be surrounded in comfort. Every one is handmade with the same quality and care as their duvets. Sewn in a baffled box design with a fine 300 thread count Egyptian cotton. You will be amazed at how refreshing one night on Ogallala's Hypodown beds can be. And of course they will not irritate allergies, no matter how long they are kept.

Featherbeds: Ogallala's 230 thread count Egyptian cotton twill featherbed is stitched in three horizontal channels. It surrounds and coddles the body with its three horizontal chambers. It appeals to a sense of nostalgia, lovingly fluffing your bed before you sleep at night. The featherbeds are 75% goose feather and 25% down featherbed. Featherbeds lend beds a big, billowy look that our customers crave. 

Hypodown 600 better than the industry standard. Fill power is above average and down content is 75% White Goose Down Cluster.
Hypodown 700 the most popular choice. White Goose Down Cluster content is 80% and fill power is excellent.
Hypodown 800 the exclusive option. Highest fill power and the down component is at 85% White Goose Down Cluster.

Ogallala Hypoallergenic Down

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