Schlossberg Delia Satin Noblesse Luxury Bedding Collection

100% Extra Long-Staple Cotton Fiber

The DELIA vert design is adorned with grandiose hibiscus flowers in a bright blood orange, fine pale blue and mauve bush lilies, and yellow orchids. The detailed, watercolor plants decorate the airy, sage-colored background with a summery lightness. Fancy tropical leaves complement the colorful flowers and buds.
DELIA blanc is the brighter and lighter alternative. Hibiscus plants in magenta and coral are scattered amongst blue bush lilies and charming panicles of orchids on delicately shimmering, white Satin Noblesse.

Bedding by Schlossberg Switzerland represents exclusive materials and expert design, uniting tradition and modernity, as well as the combination of various styles. Textiles and collections are developed with great care and attention to detail and showcase the hand-made character of the traditional Schlossberg brand. The 183-year history of the family-run company, which extends from 1833 to 2015, showcases textile expertise, innovation and tradition. Managed by CEO Thomas Boller, the fabrics created in Switzerland and Italy are, to this day, sewn and printed with the hand-drawn floral designs typical of Schlossberg in Turbenthal in the hills near Zurich.  

Schlossberg of Switzerland Luxury Bed Linens

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