Schlossberg of Switzerland Joel Luxury Bed Linens

The bed linen design JOEL is inspired by a herbarium of Mediterranean plants. Herbal Treasure in Living Color.

A collection of ginkgo, lavender, fern, lime blossom, oak, maple and pine as well as the associated fruits with cones and berries, but also feathers and snail shells, shows the treasures of nature. Memorabilia of a walk. Wander through forests and meadows, past hills, valleys and streams. The individual objects are delicately and delicately drawn with colored and felt-tip pens, the shading is shaded. Original Latin names in traditional script reinforce the charming natural history character. Sateen made of pure, finest and light cotton (about 110g / m2) with naturally silky shine and noble feel. Gives a light, silky feeling on the skin. Washable at 60 ° C.

See Schlossberg of Switzerland Solid Colored Sateen Noblesse available in 60 colors making them the perfect addition to any bedding ensemble. Schlossberg excels at jacquard and sateen woven fabrics of high thread counts which become exquisite bed linens of heirloom quality. Made from long staple 100 percent Egyptian cotton fiber with sateen warp, combed, mercerized and singed. The fabric density is over 300 thread count. Made in Switzerland. Schlossberg believes that Duvet Covers with zippers drape nicer, handled with ease, and require less maintenance. All Shams have a knife edge with zipper closure and Pillow Cases have envelope closures, having a pocket on the back and front side to provide a better fit. Boller Winkler, the original mill, was established in Turbenthal, near Zurich, Switzerland in 1833. It was the first mill to take advantage of the equipment and machinery coming out of England during the Industrial Revolution, using the spinning machines to replace hand labor. Bonjour of Switzerland is a mill with not only state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship, but also a mill with a design philosophy and environmental awareness matched by few mills in the world. The bed linens are marketed under the name Bonjour of Switzerland around the world, and now in the United States.

Schlossberg of Switzerland Luxury Bed Linens

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