Schlossberg of Switzerland Poesie Sissi - Sensuous, poetic and exclusive

Schlossberg Switzerland and lace from St.Gallen - what a wonderful combination. Both represent exclusive and high quality products. And both marry traditional craftsmanship with a keen sense for new trends.  

Schlossberg's new book Poesie illustrates how well their finest fabrics and the most elegant lace go together. Beautifully fashioned creations crafted with the finest workmanship. In 1833... Poesie, for example: Bed linens with the finest lace from St.Gallen and the most delicate finishes. Lace is sensuous and poetic. Lace is priceless and of timeless beauty. When it comes to the creation of lace Schlossberg counts on their partner of long standing: Forster Rohner in St.Gallen, a company that specializes in exclusive lace. Their designs for their Poesie collection are of unmatched beauty: as delicate and luxurious as nothing you have ever seen. Schlossberg Switzerland combines this precious lace with its finest Satin Noblesse or its superb linen to create Poesie pure, sensuous and exquisite. Allow us to seduce you, too!  See coordinating Solid Colored Sateen Noblesse for sheeting.

Schlossberg of Swittzerland Luxury Bed Linens
Schlossberg of Swittzerland Luxury Bed Linens

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