St. Geneve Deluxe Silk Duvets

St. Geneve is introducing these Summer Weight Duvets as alternatives for those that find down duvets too warm. 

Silk cocoons protect the baby moth from heat & cold, mildew, mold & mites, making silk one of the most perfect insulators; safe & natural. These duvets are made in China, who is the world leader in producing silk, in an exclusive mill specifically for St.Geneve. Breathable Silk naturally wicks moisture away from skin, keeping body temperature even. Lightweight Because silk is such a fine fiber, it forms a tiny, intricate network of filaments that traps air superbly, thus providing exceptional insulation. Natural Human beings have been living with natural fibers for tens of thousands of years.  Durable: A silk fiber is stronger than a filament of steel of the same size. Silk fibers adhere to each other very well, so you will not experience clumping or bunching or thinning out of the fill. With proper care, silk will last for decades.  Hypo-Allergenic Without any chemical treatment, silk is naturally inhospitable to dust mites, moulds and mildews. Luxurious: Silk naturally drapes around the human form for a wonderful cozy feeling, unlike polyester, which can feel quite stiff in comparison. Care: Air outdoors for a few hours 2-3 times a year; but NEVER leave in direct sunlight. Hand spot wash in lukewarm water. Use a mild non-alkaline soap such as baby shampoo or Ivory liquid. Do not soak. Add a little white vinegar to rinse water. Roll in a towel to extract water. Do not wring. Do not bleach. Avoid any contact with Peroxide, Hairspray or Perfume. Do not dry clean.

St Geneve Deluxe Silk Duvet 

St Geneve Deluxe Silk Duvet


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