Sferra Intreccio

Intreccio was inspired by Nantucket baskets and antique Japanese basketwork. Embroidered Percale: Italian-woven long-staple cotton.

The design is Alessandra’s twist on the classic basket weave pattern, and a play on the Branca Stripe which has been a key motif for the designer for 25 years. Its white base and knife-edge shams create a classic yet modern appeal.

Made in Italy, 100% Long-staple cotton, Percale with embroidery. 

Flange measurements: 

  • Duvet Cover / 3 1/2-inches 
  • Flat Sheet / 3 1/2-inches 
  • Pillowcase cuffs / 3 1/2-inches 

  • Plain hem 
  • Knife-edge on Shams and Decorative Pillow 

Machine wash warm water on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach (bleaching may weaken fabric & cause yellowing). Do not use fabric softener. Wash dark colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat. Remove while still damp. Steam iron on "cotton" setting to retain luster and sheen.


The raison d’etre for the cobranded Capsule Collection by Alessandra Branca and SFERRA was born of a deep mutuality: both are steeped in Italian roots, share a reverence for craftsmanship, and similarly uphold a mission to create beauty in the quotidian those items, aspects, and rituals that shape the smallest, most intimate parts of the everyday.  In essence, there is a shared embrace of utility married unto beauty. Form and function. A passion not only for the finest things in life, but for the art and
workmanship in their very expression. Indeed, a sense of la dolce vita informs all that Alessandra touches; she was born and raised in Italy and later trained as an interior designer. Career achievements span more than 25-years of residential and commercial projects, garnering her praise and acclaim in the home shelter press and many multitudes of followers in social media channels. With the creation of Casa Branca for SFERRA, Alessandra’s interest in the artisanal (most especially embroidery embellishments, which she has used again and again in her couture work for clients) marries with SFERRA’s long tradition within the decorative arts of lacemaking
and embroidery. In designs for the collection, watch for bold style statements, a bit of whimsy, and a relaxed sense of elegance which is keenly of-the-moment. In short, it’s a perfect pairing: an Italian-infused designer artiste partnering with the renowned Italian textile production expertise of SFERRA and their artisans. Ciao bella!

If you have any questions about these impeccable bedding options or need assistance in locating the exact bedding of your dreams, we would be happy to help in any way. Contact us today for further shopping assistance.

Sferra Luxury Bed Linens from Italy

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