Yves Delorme Mandarin Silk and Anti-Allergy Comforter Collections

The Mandarin collection is light, lofty, and cool, silk offers a natural fiber alternative to both down and synthetic fillings.

Yves Delorme's Mandarin comforters are filled with silk, or tussah, spun by silk-worms in China. Organic silk fibers respond to the body's coolness in summer and warmth in winter. These beautiful comforters are constructed with circle stitching and are encased in superfine Egyptian cotton batiste. Polyester fibers are the man-made alternative to natural fillings. Yves Delorme's anti-allergy comforters and pillows use premier grade hollow fiber, a supple hollow polyester filament that provides both softness and good insulation. This top quality polyester filling is encased in the finest quality cotton satin. It is washable and durable, making it ideal for those with allergies. There is not much that feels better than cuddling up with a goose down duvet. The concept is based upon nature itself. Like the down on a bird, a duvet is designed to provide insulation with minimum weight. A comfortable sleeping environment is essential to a good night's sleep. Yves Delorme designs their products with this in mind.

Yves Delorme

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