Mis En Demeure of Paris

Yves Delorme partners with Mis En Demeure of Paris to introduce a new lifestyle concept for the home

Mis En Demeure of Paris, the French interior decor company established in 1993, introduces a complete lifestyle for the home featuring exclusive pieces of furniture and accessories.  For sixteen years Philippe Daraux, the creative force behind Mis En Demeure of Paris, has used his passion, talent and curiosity to arrange furniture and decorative objectsachieving a unique atmosphere and merging past centuries with a modern touch.  In 2008, the fine French linen purveyor, and member of the Comity Colbert, Yves Delorme, whose savoir-faire has been acknowledged since 1845, partnered with Mis En Demeure of Paris to bring new concept to stores worldwide. This new concept introduces the shopper to an environment reminiscent of a luxurious "Demeure" mansion opening its grand doors in order to invite guests to peek into the boudoir, to lounge in the grand salon or to enjoy the refinement of the master bedroom. Each room promises to entice with the exquisite creations of Yves Delorme and Mis En Demeure of Paris, fine linens, dramatic light fixtures, beautiful pieces of furniture and decorative objects.  With a shared passion for excellence, Yves Delorme and Mis En Demeure of Paris join together to introduce worldwide a harmonious collaboration of style that reflects their French "Art de vivre".

Yves Delorme

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