Ogallala Comfort Company Pearl White Goose Feather/Down Pillows

It's a rare person that doesn't get nostalgic over genuine feather pillows. Made in USA.

And while feathers are sometimes a less than ideal fill for sleeping pillows, Ogallala makes them available so you can have the chance to remember nights gone by. Goose Feather Pillows are a pearl white doubled shelled pillow. The shells are 100% cotton with a satin piping, outer thread count is 353 with the inner thread count 353 eliminating ticking. All pillows are 100% hypoallergenic and are made of 75% goose feather and 25% down and range from soft to extra firm in available sizes of standard, queen and king. 
Ogallala Hypoallergenic Down      Ogallala Hypoallergenic Down

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