Sferra Arcadia Alternative Down Pillows

A soft downy loft imbues our down alternative sleeping pillows. Sferra Pillows for Sale Online.

These special sleeping pillows crosses the thermal insulating properties of  featherweight down with the easy-care attributes of modern  techno-fibers. Available in three different weights for side, back and stomach sleepers.  Customize your sleep experience.  Sleek 330 thread count  all-cotton sateen shell with double-stitched piping, available only in crisp White, of course. Easy to wash and dry. A delight!  Care Points: To ensure the life of your pillows and minimize laundering, we recommend using a SFERRA pillow protector. Machine wash cold, mild detergent. Machine dry on lowest setting.With loving care, this product will last for years. Sferra Pillows for Sale Online.

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