Sferra Snowdon Down Pillows

Five levels of amazing softness and warmth, all designed to cocoon you into the sweetest of dreams. 

Snowdon: 900+ fill power, Canadian White Goose Down, 434 TC Pure German Ivory Silk Jacquard ticking, 15” baffle box construction. Sferra Pillows for Sale Online.

We traveled the globe to bring you THE SFERRA DOWN COLLECTION, an amazing variety of down duvets and sleeping pillows. Carefully constructed of down clusters, which interlock and trap air to keep you warm, but also have the remarkable ability to keep you comfortable, THE SFERRA DOWN COLLECTION offers varying levels of fill power to customize the perfect sleeping experience.  A measure of efficiency, the higher the fill power number, the better the down and the greater its insulating value.  With a weight and a loft for everyone, one will be just right for you. Offered in sleeping pillows in Soft, Medium and Firm. All pillows are finished with a decorative piped edge. All pillows also have corner silks on the surface, which showcase brand and product name. 

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