Yves Delorme 680 Fill Power Collection of Down Comforters

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Yves Delorme uses top grade white European goose down to provide loft for insulation and lightness for freedom and comfort. Encased in the finest quality batiste, these comforters combine modern technology and beautiful craftsmanship.

Heavier weights have baffle box construction that keeps the down in place and allows for maximum loft; lighter comforters have box stitching, the preferred design for summer and ultra-light products. Caribbean Light - Mediterranean Light - Continental - Alpine There is not much that feels better than cuddling up with a goose down duvet. The concept is based upon nature itself. Like the down on a bird, a duvet is designed to provide insulation with minimum weight. A comfortable sleeping environment is essential to a good night's sleep. Yves Delorme designs their products with this in mind. Down is the ultimate material for a duvet because it possesses properties that ensure an optimal sleeping environment: Resiliency: Down can be compressed and will spring back to its original volume, maintaining its insulating power. Breathability: Down allows water vapor to pass through it without letting warmth escape. Lightness: Far less down is required than any other material to achieve the same insulating power, resulting in freedom of movement and a more restful sleep. Durability: With proper care, down will outlast any other insulating material, making it an excellent value. 

Down is the soft fluffy undercoating that grows next to the body of the goose-underneath the protective layer of feathers-that insulates it against cold. A down cluster looks much like a dandelion puffball, with thousands of soft, silky fibers radiating out from a barely visible core. Down's three-dimensional structure gives it the ability to loft, and each down cluster attaches to the next to form a network capable of trapping a large volume of air. It's actually the air pockets trapped by the down fibers, not the down itself, that does the insulating. Down clusters allow our natural body heat to keep us warm while allowing moisture to escape, therefore providing a level of comfort that is unsurpassed. The best down comes from geese that are allowed to grow to full size. Yves Delorme uses only hand-selected mature white European goose down from free-range geese raised just for this purpose. Down is gathered in the molting season, when it has reached its full size and full potential to hold air. Why? Because large, mature clusters allow more air to be retained between the fibers, keeping you warmer. Small down clusters have poor filling power and tend to collapse after a few years because the filaments are more fragile. High Warmth-to-Weight Ratio: Lofting is what creates trapped air and keeps you warm. An important measure of down quality is loft, or fill power, which is the amount of space one ounce of down fills. The higher the fill power, the more efficient the insulation. Because it takes up more space, it is able to trap more air and provide greater insulation with less weight. Warmth without weight is the most restful way to sleep.  
Judging a Duvet by its Cover: Yves Delorme's duvets are superior not only on the inside, but on the outside. To ensure a casing that is downproof, the fabric must be woven so tightly that the finest feather or down cannot escape. At the same time, the filling cannot perform to its utmost unless the fabric can breathe to allow free air circulation. Their batiste shells marry the perfect weave with exceptional yarn to meet both of these requirements. Long staple Egyptian cotton in a linen weave ensures fine, supple casings with the necessary strength and moisture absorption.

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