Broderna Anderssons Focus Armchair

A new and highly appreciated functional armchair makes your sitting both comfortable and safe.

Focus is our most beloved function's armchair with easy-to-operate swing and adjustable function. Change perspective! Sit back and look a little further! The supple seat provides security both when you sit down and get up. With a simple grip, you set the seat gas spring so that it provides the right help and support when needed as best as possible. You also have the possibility to lock the seat in different positions, an adjustable back for the best relaxation and in addition detachable armrest protection and seat case for extra safety against wear and stains. The choice of legs also gives you good opportunities to adjust your seat height.


  • A = Height: 110cm 
  • B = Depth: 80cm 
  • C = Width: 71cm 
  • D = Seat height: 44cm 

The Anderssons brothers stand for design, quality, sustainability and Småland's craftsmanship since 1914. No matter which of our furniture appeals to you, you always have the same opportunity to design your environment yourself. With a careful selection of wood, upholstery and the market's latest and very best fabrics, some in lots of color schemes, the design becomes almost infinite. For those who prefer leather of the best quality, there is also the choice.

Broderna Anderssons Focus Armchair

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