Monthly Archives: March 2016

  1. Celebrating a Third Anniversary

    Just like that…our Cameron Village location is three!

    As we approach the three-year anniversary of our grand opening in Cameron Village, we find ourselves reminiscing about the great clients, unbelievable products, and dear friends that have enriched us so in the past few years.  A lot can change in three years, but our gratitude to our exceptional clients and our absolutely amazing team has only grown.  Thank you for your friendship and for sharing our love of all things exquisite.  It’s a good life and we love sharing it with you!

    Growing a business, like anything important in life, is a labor of love.  We’ve so enjoyed getting to know our Cameron Village clients and have been thrilled and humbled by those of you who have visited our location from near and far.  Traditionally, a three year anniversary is celebrated with leather or glass.  We have plenty of stunning leather items in-store (a Dovo buffalo leat

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  2. Beautiful Bathroom Decor

    Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Be “Blah”

    Is your bath a sea of beige and white?  While we love the crispness of luxurious neutrals, Spring is the time for color and fun! Make your bathroom feel like a spa oasis and show your personality!   We are loving these bright, fun Abyss & Habidecor towels right now. They are a gift from the towel gods! These beauties are crafted with exceptional quality in Portugal and get softer and more luxurious as you wash them.  Do they sound like a dream come true?  It’s because they are.  Whether you love the crisp, traditional nature of a neutral palette or if you’re ready to stock up on a punchy palette for spring, we have the best of the best online and in-store.


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  3. Where Would You Be Without Your Mom?

    Where would you be without your mom?  What about those that have been like a mother to you?  Or the mother and grandmother of your own children?  How do you ever repay these incredible forces doing the most important work in the world?

    Mother’s Day is on May 8th, and it’s the perfect day to let that special lady know just how much you love her!  Provide her with an opportunity to relax, and make her feel special with one a unique and utterly opulent gift.  Mom always wanted us to plan ahead, so be sure that your Mother’s Day gift is chosen and ready to present sooner rather than later.  Remember when Mom told you that the early bird gets the worm?  She was right…and the early bird also gets the best pick of our amazing gifts for Mom.  And let’s be honest…she deserves the very, very best.  Some of our best picks include:

    -Beautiful Flowers that last year round- Take a pe

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  4. How Does Better Sleep Sound?

    Did you know, on average, that people spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping?  Some certainly have the luxury of more sleep time than others and we all miss our rest when we’re not sleeping well. Work, life, and responsibility can all take a toll on our best sleep.  We have some suggestions for how to get better sleep. At Opulence, we believe that sleep time should be spent in luxury, which is why we carry the finest luxury linens, sleepwear, and bedding accessories. Additionally, the foundation of a good night’s sleep is a great mattress.  Do you think that all mattresses are created equal?  We beg to differ and challenge you to explore the DUXIANA lifestyle. Learn a little bit more about why we love it and sleep luxuriously:

    Sleep is essential to repair and renew your being, and having a restful night sleep is extremely dependent on your mattress. The continuous coil spring technology keeps your spine in line throughout the night, keeping you in ultimate comfort. An independent sleep s

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  5. Opulence's Official Blog -

    Luxury Brands for the Home

    Everyone Deserves a Bit of Opulence in Their Life.

    We now have our own Blog for Opulence of Southern Pines & DUXIANA of Southern Pines.  Stay tuned each month for interesting posts on how to experience luxury living.  We will discuss everything from restorative sleep and all the luxuries needed for the bed.  

    We will have topic discussions on how to choose the best luxury bath linens and table linens for your personal and family needs. We will explain the benefits and differences between Egyptian Long Staple Cotton versus traditional cottons.

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