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  1. We're Great In Bed

    We're Great In Bed. Nothing Warms You Up Like Ogallala Down... We don't want to bragg, but people say sleeping with us is one of the most pleasurable experiences they have ever had! Heirloom quality Ogallala Down Comforters (Duvets), Pillows, Mattress Enhancers and Decorative Pillows are an exceptional value in warmth and comfort. Made in the USA. We are having our once a year Ogallala Down Sale. Now thru October 31st all Ogallala Down Comforter (Duvets), Pillows, Mattress Enhancers and Decorative Pillows are 20% Off.  Use Coupon Code:Down20 at checkout.

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  2. Let's Talk About Synthetics...

    Let's Talk About Synthetics...

    Synthetic materials are made through a process called polymerisation, which is the joining of chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide (derivates of coal, oil and gas) in a heat vacuum. Because harmful chemicals are used in the making of synthetics, they often produce poisonous gas when burned. Not to mention, when the end of their life cycle comes, they take an incredibly long time to degenerate as they are non-biodegradable. Beyond being horrible for our environment, synthetics are also terrible for our own health. The chemicals used in synthetic materials are damaging to your lungs while you sleep and can cause skin rashes and breakouts. When searching for bedding, it can be easy to choose the more “economical” pillow, without considering the disadvantages it holds. Synthetics don’t absorb moisture, nor do they allow air to circulate through the fibers, leaving you feeling either too hot or too cold. And though they may be cheap

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