1. No Time to Get Away? 7 Tips for a Five-Star Staycation

    Want to wash away the worry and headaches of a rough week? Treat yourself to a staycation to relax and recharge your battery. Take a couple days off, a weekend, or even an overnight, and relax with some recuperative tactics that will make you feel like you are thousands of miles away from the stress. Use these tips and feel like you are spending your staycation at a five-star resort!

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  2. 4 Ways to Create a Spa Experience in Your Master Bathroom

    Your master bedroom suite should be a haven from the cares of everyday life and should have a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere for everyone who enjoys it. One great way to create a haven like this is by using your master bathroom to create the ultimate home spa. Here are five great ideas.

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  3. Beautiful Bathroom Decor

    Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Be “Blah”

    Is your bath a sea of beige and white?  While we love the crispness of luxurious neutrals, Spring is the time for color and fun! Make your bathroom feel like a spa oasis and show your personality!   We are loving these bright, fun Abyss & Habidecor towels right now. They are a gift from the towel gods! These beauties are crafted with exceptional quality in Portugal and get softer and more luxurious as you wash them.  Do they sound like a dream come true?  It’s because they are.  Whether you love the crisp, traditional nature of a neutral palette or if you’re ready to stock up on a punchy palette for spring, we have the best of the best online and in-store.


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  4. Opulence's Official Blog -

    Luxury Brands for the Home

    Everyone Deserves a Bit of Opulence in Their Life.

    We now have our own Blog for Opulence of Southern Pines & DUXIANA of Southern Pines.  Stay tuned each month for interesting posts on how to experience luxury living.  We will discuss everything from restorative sleep and all the luxuries needed for the bed.  

    We will have topic discussions on how to choose the best luxury bath linens and table linens for your personal and family needs. We will explain the benefits and differences between Egyptian Long Staple Cotton versus traditional cottons.

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