What’s the Deal with Throw Pillows?

What’s the Deal with Throw Pillows?

DUXIANA 818 Bed with Sferra Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows can add a touch of comfort, style, and whimsy to your home. However, you might look at all the options and wonder why there are so many choices. This helpful guide will breakdown what you need to know to make the right selection.


The size of throw pillows you choose should be determined by the size of your furniture. The average size, which is between 16”-24″x 16”-24,” will work for a larger sofa. Oversized pillows create a comfy, lounge feel, but should be reserved for really large furniture with ample seating room. If your sofa is modern and compact, or you need a pillow for a delicate side chair, go for a smaller one, otherwise you will have to remove them to sit comfortably.


The typical fillings for pillows are feather, foam, or a synthetic mix. Synthetics maintain the shape of the pillow quite well and are cheaper than goose down, which is much softer and better quality. When selecting a filing, consider how you will use the pillows. Are they going to be leaned on or are you using them as decoration only? Cheap fillers stuffed with loose foam will break down from frequent use.


While a good rule of thumb is to go for an odd number of pillows, there’s nothing wrong with a symmetrical look. A more important consideration is how many will be suitable for the size of your furniture. There is such a thing as too many throw pillows. On a very large sofa, five decorative pillows will work, but most couches look best with just three. For a small chair, choose one pillow. For loveseats, go with two.


There are four basic pillow shapes – bolsters, squares, rectangles and rounds. Square pillows will provide the best full-back comfort if you need it to support your body while lounging. Also, consider the aesthetics of your furniture. Sofas with sharp lines can be softened up with round pillow, while round, large squares will give a balanced look to a rounded couch. If you can’t decide what size to choose, go for a mixture of two or three shapes.

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Iosis Throw Pillows, French Decorative Tapestry Pillows

Iosis Throw Pillows, French Decorative Tapestry Pillows

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Textillery Throw Blanket

This beautiful Textillery Throw Blanket captures the colors of fall!

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Our Fall E-Catalog Cover!

Our Fall E-Catalog Cover!

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Nandina Savari Bamboo Towels

Nadina Savari Bamboo Towels

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