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  1. No Shave November: Facial Hair Care

    We’ve all seen the difference between finely-coiffed facial hair and an untamed mane.  While the grizzly lumberjack look may be hip, it might not be the best fit for the office.  Don’t let “No Shave November” turn you into a caveman!

    Step 1: Determine Your Beard Type & Trim Accordingly

    Growing a beard doesn’t mean letting facial hair grow wherever it will. Determine how you’d like the beard to look.  Birchbox offers tips on the best beard type for your face shape

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  2. The Art of Shaving

    Whether you have been shaving for a couple of years or a couple of decades, getting the perfect shave may seem The Straight Razor Shaveimpossible.  A great shave will leave you feeling confident, clean, and ready to take on the day while a bad shave will leave you with nicks, stubble and razor bumps.  If you’re ready to say goodbye to your 5 o’clock shadow, follow our guide for achieving the perfect shave.

    The best shave possible is a result of quality grooming products and superior shaving techniques.  Take a look at our breakdown of what you need for the perfect shave:

    Grooming Products:

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  3. Opulence's Official Blog -

    Luxury Brands for the Home

    Everyone Deserves a Bit of Opulence in Their Life.

    We now have our own Blog for Opulence of Southern Pines & DUXIANA of Southern Pines.  Stay tuned each month for interesting posts on how to experience luxury living.  We will discuss everything from restorative sleep and all the luxuries needed for the bed.  

    We will have topic discussions on how to choose the best luxury bath linens and table linens for your personal and family needs. We will explain the benefits and differences between Egyptian Long Staple Cotton versus traditional cottons.

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