Opulence of Southern Pines = One Stop Shopping!

 It’s that time of year– Thanksgiving has passed, the weather outside is frightful, and the sparkling decor and Christmas tunes are in abundance. It’s the holiday season and like it or not, there’s plenty of shopping to be done!

While shopping for gifts for the people you love can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays, it can also be one of the most stressful. No matter who on your list you are shopping for, feel confident knowing that all of your holiday presents can be found at Opulence of Southern Pines!

Abyss & Habidecor Amigo Robe

Abyss & Habidecor Amigo Robe

Adri Throw modeled by owner Tanda Jarest. Made with baby alpaca wool and racoon loops.

Adri Throw modeled by owner Tanda. Made with baby alpaca wool and raccoon loops. Makes a gorgeous gift!

Would your spouse like to indulge in a warm bath after a long day at work? Be sure to wrap them in the highest quality luxury bath linens from around the world to meet their every need. The Abyss & Habidecor Amigo Robe is also a must.

Has your mother been hinting about giving her home décor a fresh look? We have the answer!
We are also proud to offer the best in sleepwear and fragrances!
With us, you’ll be so good at buying holiday presents, even Santa himself will be jealous! And don’t forget, a gift certificate is the best way to ensure someone receives just what they want for any occasion. For more information, browse our website or call 910-692-2744 to speak with a professional.

Create a Luxury Sleeping Environment

Duxiana Bed

The Duxiana Bed

Sleep plays an important role in both physical and mental health.  When we suffer from a bad night of sleep, it effects our functionality, mood, appetite and immune system.  A bedroom should be the most luxurious and personal space in any home.  Creating an appropriate bedroom environment will help you fall asleep and stay asleep!  To ensure a great night’s sleep every night, follow these tips for creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom.

Darkness – A dark environment helps set the right atmosphere to sleep.  Invest in dark colored shutters, shades or blinds that will effectively keep out morning light.

Temperature – Not too hot, not too cold.  Keeping your room at the perfect temperature (65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit) will help your body induce sleep.

Décor – Make your bedroom a relaxing haven by cleaning out anything that is distracting.  Remove clutter, messy paperwork and anything work-related.  Decorate with neutral colors like white, tan, and gray.     

Ambiance – Create ambiance in your room with low lighting, soothing aromas and relaxing scents.  Opulence of Southern Pines offers a number of home fragrances, lotions, diffusers and candles that are great ways to stimulate comfort and relaxation.

Function – What do you use your bed for?  Many people lay in bed to watch TV, work on their laptop, browse their smartphone and even eat dinner.  The only function your bed should be used for is sleeping and relaxation.  A great way to ensure this is by removing distracting technology from the bedroom.

Comfort – Invest in comfort with a luxury mattress, padded pillow and bedding from Opulence of Southern Pines.  We provide a range of luxurious items that will enhance your sleep including cashmere throw blankets, high-thread count duvet and sheets, down pillows, and comfortable sleepwear.  We carry luxurious bedding from brands like Abyss and Habidecor, PJ Harlow, Sferra and DUXIANA.

You spend one third of your life in bed, why not spend it in luxury?  Opulence of Southern Pines and DUXIANA offers a wide assortment of luxury items and high end products that will allow your body to repair, rebuild and restore through quality sleep.  With two convenient locations in Southern Pines and Raleigh, we welcome guests to visit our stores our browse our online inventory!

Where Would You Be Without Your Mom?

Where would you be without your mom?  What about those that have been like a mother to you?  Or the mother and grandmother of your own children?  How do you ever repay these incredible forces doing the most important work in the world?

Mother’s Day is on May 8th, and it’s the perfect day to let that special lady know just how much you love her!  Provide her with an opportunity to relax, and make her feel special with one a unique and utterly opulent gift.  Mom always wanted us to plan ahead, so be sure that your Mother’s Day gift is chosen and ready to present sooner rather than later.  Remember when Mom told you that the early bird gets the worm?  She was right…and the early bird also gets the best pick of our amazing gifts for Mom.  And let’s be honest…she deserves the very, very best.  Some of our best picks include:

-Beautiful Flowers that last year round- Take a peek at stunning silk flower arrangements from Diane James and NDI. These beauties will complement Mom’s timeless decor and provide a constant reminder of why you’re her favorite child.  

-Comfortable and stylish sleepwear or loungewear. Surely Mom deserves some rest and luxury: check out our PJ Harlow pajamas, a robe from Abyss and Habidecor, or a cozy pair of socks from Kashwere.

-Cinda b’s luxury bags or travel accessories. Whether your mom travels internationally, or just around town, you can find the perfect bag or accessory for her from cinda b’s line. 

As always, be Mom’s pride and joy with a Mother’s Day gift that will impress.  Stop in or peruse our online stop to see the many fabulous gifts we have that will remind your mother just how grateful you are to have her.