Luxury Tableware for Your Next Dinner Party

Beautiful Tablescape featuring a Sferra Tablecloth

Sferra Acanthus Tablecloth

Creating the Perfect Dinner Party with Luxury Tableware

In addition to the ideal menu and a carefully thought out guest list, hosting the perfect dinner party begins with beautiful tableware. Choosing the right linens, china, glassware and special touches can add the extra touches to make your event memorable.

  • China – A china pattern is the perfect way to show your personality and set the mood for your table. Select a style that reflects your personal style. If you have several options from which to choose, consider the menu you are serving before making a final selection.  For example, a more formal menu may work best with an ornate traditional pattern, while a country design might lend itself to a more casual meal. If you are purchasing china, consider a pattern that could easily be paired with other options for flexibility in future uses.
  • Glassware – Similar to your china selections, glassware should reflect the formality of your meal as well as your personal style. Consider using an assortment of wine glasses, mugs and tumblers depending upon the beverages you will be serving.
  • Tablecloth – After determining the size and shape of your table, select tablecloths that work with your dinner theme, china selections and centerpieces. At Opulence of Southern Pines, we offer a wide variety of tablecloth choices. Select a variety of colors and patterns from famous makers such as Yves Delorme, Sferra and Matouk Lowell.
  • Napkins and Placemats – Napkins and placemats are the perfect way to add a splash of color to your tablescape. Choose a muted tablecloth and a bold napkin color that plays up your china pattern to enhance the overall look and feel of your table design.  Famous designers such as Anali, Ann Gish, Deborah Rhodes and Anichini offer a wide variety of colors and designs.
  • Extra Touches – Centerpieces, flowers, candles and other special items create the final touch to your table design that make it truly unique and special. Fill a Juliska canister with flowers, pinecones or another natural element for a rustic look.  Select finishing items that will add to the beauty of all the other elements on your table and will not detract from the dining experience.

If you are looking for the perfect tableware items to create a special look for your next dinner party, visit the Opulence of Southern Pines website.

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