Amélie et Mélanie

Embrace simplicity and innocence with Amélie et Mélanie, a range of fragrances created by Lothantique’s perfumers in Grasse.

Fresh and stylish, playful and sensual, this voluptuous collection for both body and home is fashioned with natural elements to delight the senses.

Linge Blanc, also known as White Linen is fresh and stylish note gives the atmosphere a pure elegance. Touches of nobility and refinement for a collection in shades of white. Scent is Freesia, Lily of the Valley & White Musk.

J' Entends, Remember the beach with this sea urchin shaped soap scented with the fresh air of the open sea! Scent is Bergamot, Water Lily & White Musk. Very soft, it generates a fine and unctuous foam and leaves the skin scented. Daily use, suitable for all skin types.


Lothantique editeur de parfums

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